In 1957, when PII East Java held the first lustrum, the idea was reemerged. As the result, dr. Angka Nitisastro, a doctor, along with several engineers of PII East Java decided to established Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Teknik.

Some of the reasons of the establishment of that organization are:

  • Indonesia has broad land and abundant natural resources but they are still unutilized
  • There were needs of around 7000 engineers to do the development program and industry in Indonesia
  • The ratio of number of engineers in developed countries and other developing countries was much bigger than in Indonesia

At 17 August 1957, Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Teknik (YPPT) was officially established, and chaired by dr. Agka Nitisastro.

This organization was established as a place to think the advanced actions and consider all consequences related to the decision making of establishing an engineering college in Surabaya.

At 10 November 1957, YPPT founded “PERGURUAN TEKNIK 10 NOPEMBER SURABAYA”, which was inaugurated by President Soekarno. Perguruan Tinggi Teknik 10 Nopember Surabaya only had two departments at that time, namely Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

After many years of hard work pioneered by YPPT, Perguruan Teknik 10 Nopember was changed to public institute, with the name of “INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI SEPULUH NOPEMBER DI SURABAYA”.

Instititut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya which initially had only two departments, namely Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, became to have five departments, namely Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Those departments then changed to be faculties. After that, with Peraturan Pemerintah No. 9 Tahun 1961 (settled at 23 March 1961), it was decided that the first Dies Natalis of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember was at 10 November 1960.

In 1965, based on SK Menteri No. 72 Tahun 1965, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) opened two new faculties, namely, Faculty of Architecture Engineering and Faculty of Science. Since that, ITS has seven faculties which were spread across Surabaya, namely in Jalan Simpang Dukuh 11, Jalan Ketabang Kali 2F, Jalan Baliwerti 119-121, and Jalan Basuki  Rahmat 84 as the headquarter of ITS.

Sejarah ITS

In 1972, Faculty of Civil Engineering moved to Jalan Manyar 8, so that ITS was widely spread. In late 1975, Faculty of Architecture Engineering moved to new campus at Jalan Cokroaminoto 12A Surabaya. In 1973, the headquarter of ITS moved to the same address. In 1973, the master plan for long-term period (20 years) development was developed as the guidance of ITS next development.

The master plan of ITS development drew interest of Asian Development Bank (ADB), which was then offered to lend the money of $ 25 million for the development of four faculties, namely Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

In 1977, the fund from ADB was partly used to build Sukolilo campus for those faculties. In 1981, the construction of Sukolilo campus was partly done. The first step of Sukolilo campus construction was done at 27 March 1982.

In 1983, ITS experienced the change in organizational structure following Peraturan Pemerintah No. 5 Tahun 1980. Based on Peraturan Pemerintah No. 27 tahun 1981 and  Keputusan Presiden No. 58 tahun 1982, ITS became to have only five faculties, namely Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, and Faculty of Non-Degree Technology (Non-degree programs).

Since 1991, ITS became to have four faculties, namely  Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMIPA), Facult y of Industrial Technology (FTI), Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP), and Faculty of Naval Technology (FTK). The departments within the Faculty of Non-Degree Technology were integrated into similar departments in Faculty of Industrial Technology and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning. Besides that, ITS also has two polytechnics, namely   Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya (PPNS) dan Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS).

In 1994, ITS received fund from ADB as much as $ 47 million for the development of all faculties which were focusing on naval technology. This program finished on April 2000. Besided that, ITS also received the fund from German government/GTZ (1978-1986) for the development of Faculty of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering.

In 2001, based on SK Rektor tanggal 14 Juni 2001, ITS established the new faculty, namely Faculty of Information Technology (FTIF) which consists of two departments, namely Informatics Engineering and Information System.