Riset Pilihan

Reseach area : Industrial Technology

Author Title
Agus Muhamad Hatta Multi-points Temperature Measuring System based on Fiber Optics
Ahmad Rusdiansyah Consload: Software for an Integrated Delivery Consolidation Planning and Items Configuration in the Container
Ahmad Rusdiansyah, et.al Integrated Planning Model for Sugar Production and Sugar Cane Planting-and-Cutting Schedule
Ahmad Rusdiansyah, et.al Stowa-Game: Logistic Education Game for Container Arrangement in Ship Bay
Arief Rahman, et.al Identification System for Occupant Location during Fire Evacuation on Multi-Floored Building with RFID Technology
Arief Rahman, et.al Quality Control-based Automatic Sorting and Inspection for Shrimp Products
Ary Bachtiar Khrisna, et.al Design of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Component with 10 KW Modular System for the Optimization of Geothermal and Industrial Waste Heat Utilization
Aulia Siti Aisjah, et.al Prototype of MCST-1-Autopilot (Monitoring Control Sea Transportation-1)
Bambang Sudarmanta Design and Build of Mini Downdraft Gasification Power Plant using Rice Husk to Support Agro Industry Development
Dhany Arifianto E-ar: Damage Detection for Indirect Rotating Machine Components
Dhany Arifianto Measurement System of Basilar Membrane Response for Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Diah Susanti Electrochemical Capacitors
Djoko Purwanto, et.al Wheelchair Movement Control Using Electric Signal of Human Back Muscles
Gamantyo Hendrantoro Satellite Portable Earth Station
Gede Wibawa, et.al CO2-Frost Phenomenon in Methane and Carbon Dioxide Gas Mixture for the Design of Controlled Freeze-Out Area Heat Exchanger
Hosta Ardhyananta Portable Water Plant Model
I Made Londen Batan Angle Optimization on Seat Tube Angle (STA) on Bicycle Frame for an Efficient, Safe and Ergonomic Design
I Nyoman Sutantra Design and Build of Controlled Hybrid Technology on Three-wheeled Vehicle “SAPUJAGAD”
I Nyoman Sutantra Electric Energy Recovery System on Electric Bicycle
Muhammad Nur Yuniarto, et.al IQUTech-e Programmable ECU
Renanto Spektronics
Rusdhianto Effendie Implementation of PID Control System for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV)
Setiyo Gunawan Rice Bran as Potential Raw Material in Producing Biodiesel
Sungging Pintowantoro Simulator for Blast Furnace in Iron and Steel Industry
Witantyo, et.al ITS Energi-Efficient Car (Sapu Angin)
Yoyon Kusnedar Suprapto GATOEL, Gamelan Toetoel
Yuli Setyorini Anti-Toxin Orthodontic Wire Coating
Yuli Setyorini Artificial Cornea

Reseach area : Civil Engineering and Planning

Author Title
Albertus Jefry Anthoni, et.al Evaluation of Rice Farmland Availability Using Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information System (in Pasuruan Regency)
Asmaul Husna, et.al UTAGAMI: Ulartangga Gempa dan Tsunami as an Introduction of Early Disaster Mitigation to Students of Elementary School
Baroto Tavip Indrojarwo, et.al Design and Construction of Caravan Based Post-Disaster Public Kitchen using Mobile and Portable Concept
Baroto Tavip Indrojarwo, et.al Design Study On Ergonomic Kitchen For Small Dwelling Using Family Interaction Concept
Baroto Tavio Indrojarwo, et.al Kids, Teenagers, and Modernity Themes for New Batik Design
Danny Anggawan, at.al The Design of New Suzuki Grand Vitara
Eka Pramuditha Muharram, et.al Innovative Design of Digital Graphic Novel: An Adaptation of “Harimau! Harimau!” Novel by Mochtar Lubis by Using Interactive Suspense Concept
Ellya Zulaikha, et.al The Development of Creative Industry by Using Fried Plastic Bag
Januarti J Ekaputri, et.al KUDA LUSI: Concrete Blocks Made of Sidoarjo Mud
Jendro Trimaryanto, et.al Elaborated Micro Car GEA-based National Car Design for a Stylish City Car for Indonesian Urban Society
Kresno Sulasmono, et.al Quick Set Sidecar
Muhammad Khumaidi, et.al Bamboo-explorationbased Design in Electronic Equipments (Television and Radio) with Hybrid Method
Viriega Fauzia Rachmanda, et.al The Design of New Toyota Avanza

Reseach area : Marine Technology

Author Title
Eko Budi Djatmiko Hydro-Structural Study on Tension Leg Platform (TLP) Marine Construction
Eko Budi Djatmiko Risk Assessment of Subsea Gas Pipeline
Galilea Prima Khristianto Conceptual Design of Floating Container Depot
Haryo Dwito Armono, et.al Performance of Hemispherical Artificial Reefs
Ketut Buda Artana, et.al Research on Some Aspects of the FLNG (LNG FPSO) Development
Ketut Suastika, et.al The Development of Buoy-Tsunami: One component of Indonesia’s Tsunami Early Warning System
Setyo Nugroho Application of Stowage Planning Application to Improve the Shipping Safety of Ro-Ro Ship
Tri Achmadi Conceptual Design of Passenger Ship Modification into 3-in-1 Ship (Passenger-Container-Vehicle)
Wasis Dwi Aryawan, et.al FSO/FPSO Engineering Conversion

Reseach area : Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Author Title
Didik Prasetyoko, et.al TS-1 Catalyst Modification for Benzene-based Phenol Production
Darminto, et.al The Development of Coprecipitation Methods in Synthesizing Nano-ceramic Powders
Fredy Kurniawan Spicy Sensor
Hamzah Fansuri, et.al Catalytic Membrane as Methane Gas to Synthetic (Syn Gas) Converter
Malik Anjelh Baqiya Feromagnetism on Nano-superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 + d
Mardi Santoso The Use of Clover Leaf Waste to Produce Commercial Isobutavan® Scent and Flavor with Its Analogs and Derivatives
Mashuri, et.al Radar Absorbing Materials Made of Iron Sand
Maya Shovitri, et.al The Potential of Isolated Mercury-Resistant Bacteria (MRB) as Mercury Pollution Bioremediator Spicy Sensor
Mukhammad Muryono Biopesticide and Organic Compost from Tobacco Dust
Mukhammad Muryono Low-Nicotine Local Tobacco (Prancak Variety) with Nitrogen Fertilizer Application
Mukhammad Muryono Organic Rice with SRI (System of Rice Intensification) – BIO SRI
Stevanus Kristianto Nugroho, et.al Ascladent (Astronomy Class for Student) to Increase Knowledge and Interest of Junior High School Students in Surabaya in Astronomy
Subchan, et.al Navigation, Guide and Control System of Unmanned Ship with Predictive Control-Unscented Kalman Filter Model

Reseach area : Information Technology

Author Title
Apol Pribadi, et.al Cost Modeling for Digital Library System Implementation in Higher Education with Fuzzy Activity Based Costing
Febriliyan Samopa dan Tim ITS Now in 3D (INI3D)
Handayani Tjandrasa, et.al Medical Image Segmentation: Identification of Abnormalities in Retina Blood Vessels in Diagnosing Diseases
Mahendrawathi ER, et.al Development of HOLOBIS (Hospital Logistics Business Intelligence Suite): Business Intelligence Application for Hospital Logistics Management
Mahendrawathi ER, et.al Prototype Creation of Organic Health Services Information System (OHIS)
Nanik Suciati et.al Motif-based Batik ImageRetrieval System
Sholiq, et.al The Development of Model for Generator Mining – XML from Event Logs
Wiwik Anggraeni, et.al Intelligent Academic DashBoard: Independent Performance Evaluation System of ITS Academic Division by Using Data Warehouse
Wiwik Anggraeni, et.al Intelligent Software Design for Early Detection and Treatment of Cattle Disease