Kegiatan Mahasiswa


ITS have a high concern in students quality. ITS believe that as an excellent graduation, students should have not only hard skill qualification but also soft skill.

Achieving this idea, SKEM(Satuan Kegiatan Ekstrakurikuler Mahasiswa) or Unit of Extracurricular Student Activity program was conducted. Through this program students have to get a minimum 1000 points in order to graduate from ITS. Points will be collected from every student’s activities such as workshop, training, and championship. These activities have become a part of student’s life in campus.

For academic activities, ITS offering various programs study in each department. Each course are delivered by professional lecturer and completed by correlated practicum in laboratories. Group discussion and workshop are mainly organized by students itself as an additional academic activity.

For non academic, ITS continually develop students soft skills, character building, hobbies and passion. Through training series, students have great opportunity to improve their soft skills. Five levels training are available. Joining the training, students will be able to do personal management, activity management, organization management and public opinion management. Students can also become the trainers through trainers training program. Each year, this training series has proven as an effective way to develop student’s soft skills.

For character building, ITS offering ESQ program which focus in develop students personality. This program always held in first year before new academic season start. Additionally, students can join department organization or faculty, and even institutional organization as an advanced stage in character building program.

For students who wants to explore their hobbies deeply, ITS also provide them with many activities. There are four groups which are sport, art, martial arts, and special. Sport group consist of basket ball, foot ball, badminton, tennis, billiard, maritime challenge, water sport, and bridge. Art consist of choir, dance and karawitan, theater, band, and music. Martial arts consist of jiu jitsu, taekwondo, karate, tapak suci, tapak hati, merpati putih, and kendo. Special consist of scout, photography, workshop and entrepreneurship, cooperation, and second language.

Study in ITS, students not only focus on course and assignment, but they also have time for doing their hobbies. Students can also actively join organization and training to develop their selves. Here, in ITS, students can freely express their self.

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