SIDI International Conference 2019

Thu, 11 Jul 2019
2:03 pm
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Event : SIDI International Conference 2019
Sub Event : Kuliah Tamu, Vlog&Video Competition, dan SIDI International Conference 2019
Day and Date : 2 – 3 September 2019
Contact : Faisal (082332687493)
Fitri (082333518835)
Rizki (082230306954)

SIDI is a consortium engaged in the development of small island communities in a sustainable manner. In 2019, SIDI held a series of events, including:

1. Guest Lecture
This guest lecture will discuss start-ups in Asia to make the transition from industry 4.0 to community 5.0. The guest lecture will be delivered by Mr. Ronny Adhikarya, Ph.D

2. Vlog & Video Competition
The competition is themed “Pulauku Sayang” which can be followed FREE by the general public. To be able to take part in this competition participants must send videos / vlogs with 3-5 minutes duration.

3. SIDI International Conference 2019
As the culmination of the event, the Conference will provide a forum to exchange views, ideas, research results, academic and business experiences as a forum for students, lecturers, and those who have concern for the population and the environment on the small island.

Contact :
Faisal (082332687493)
Fitri (082333518835)
Rizki (082230306954)

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